Textures & Renders

Armatex is a range of 100% Acrylic Texture Finishes. The products are formulated to provide a ready for use material that can be applied straight from the drum by Trowel, Roller or Spray to suitably prepared vertical walls. The final result is a unique textured finish that is hard wearing, flexible and tranforms concrete, brick, fibro and many other construction materials into a decorative rendered wall appearance.

Common to all Amatex finishes, carefully graded washed and dried sands are blended with Astec second generation acrylics, to form a flexible product that is extremely well bound and will not crumble even when it is feathered to a fine edge. Amatex provides a strongly adhered film with outstanding exterior durability. Armatex has undergone rigorous field and laboratory test programs that guarantee the tradesman a product that is fast and trouble free to apply. This feature will ensure they achieve the desired uniform result.

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